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Alpha Investments

Our investment approach is to seek early stage entities which have potential to grow on a global scale. Alpha Group seeks to contribute and aid sustainable market growth in Africa, Middle East, and Asia, while leveraging our market-leading business approach and first-rate service offering.

We analyze current market trends and forecasts and inject fiscal support to early stage companies, which help generate jobs, enhance products and services, and boost economic activities.



Dubai Mall, UAE

Nominal Ownership

West Africa Franchise License

Established in 2013, Beesket Global International has grown from one shop in South Korea into an international brand with 20 stores in six countries while experiencing triple digit growth rate. Beesket creates 100% natural juice in a Do-It-Yourself platform using a proprietary platform to provide nutritional and dietary information to the customers.


Significant Minority

Aeonseed Investments FZE is a UAE-based investment management company focusing on early to pre-expansion companies who are motivated to design and implement strategic and operational changes that will take their business to next levels of growth.

Principles from Aeonseed work closely with senior management to ensure commitments are followed through and value is delivered to its stakeholders.


Significant Majority

Alpha Mining and Gem Trading LLC is currently being established to pursue strategic acquisitions of precious metal and gem mining interests in Africa and Asia.

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